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I have been unsuccessfully looking for a card or thick paper for cards and bookmarks. I am looking for a black card that engraves to white, or a white card that engraves to black. I guess this means it needs a core. If I can’t find this, I will have to glue the paper together myself. Not ideal for high volume ,fast production. Anyone know a brand or type?

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By doing a forum search for “engraving paper” I found the following useful links:


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Do you have a Kelly Paper near you? They carry a line of two color cardstocks that are basically two colors laminated together. All the papers are in the store for browsing and they are generous with samples.

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One of the craft stores (Hobby Lobby or Michael’s) carries white core cardstock. Also check out an art supply store and their supply of matte boards - some go pretty thin into the cardstock arena. Lots of different colors with white cores.

You’ll need to dial in your power/speed settings as you need to just burn away the top layer. Too much and you’ll start browning the white core.

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As much as you can find on the internet, it’s pretty amazing how much you can find not on the internet/local.


Omg. I can’t believe I did not think of mat board. I frame and cut my own mats all the time, but that could be too costly for cards. I am successfully carving paper at o.o1 thickness. I will go look for the white core paper .Thanks.


We don’t have a Kelly paper. Where do you have one?

Thanks for hunting that down.

They’re all over in the Western states, perhaps you have a local equivalent?

the best place to find small quantities of interesting/unique papers is most professional stock paper (the kind of things that printers use to do cool stuff) is only available in large quantities. glodan buys up leftovers from printers and will sell you small quantities.

companies like Neenah make really nice duplex. they definitely have a black/white duplex, along with other color combos. you can get Neenah at glodan.

for example, this is 120# black/solar white.

available in 8.5x11, 11x17, or in the full basis sheet at 26x40.


Excellent resource. Thanks

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You say you’re looking for “high volume, fast production”? Then you don’t want to be engraving text for paper bookmarks with a laser cutter! The Glowforge is so slow at engraving. Very much a job for a printer, or a print shop. They can even do white ink, and cut thousands of cards or bookmarks with your design in a single day, at a fraction of the cost.

Cynd11. If you would like to know how to make the eyes look less creepy, it’s not hard but I learned it in art class. Just let me know.

Here’s some paper that I’ve tried;

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