Finding replacement machine to connect to

Hello All,

I had to have my three month old brand new Glowforge Pro replaced. My refurbished replacement arrived today. I logged in and went to the upper right hand corner but the only machine showing is the one I just shipped back to Glowforge. The new machine was turned on. Any tips on how to find it?


Did you run the setup process on the new machine?


I went to the set-up page, executed the exe and when it popped up nothing happened

Sounds like a local machine issue (your computer) - GF has been using the setup app for quite some time now.

I would contact support. Until you complete setup, the machine will not be accessible to print.


Thank you!

Even if I’m using the same computer I used with that previous machine?

Yes. You have to complete the setup process for any new/replacement machine.

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Can’t thank you enough for the advice. I lugged a desktop down to my basement work area and did the set up process that way. Worked like a charm. Then switched back to the laptop I normally work on and was able to start cutting!!! Thanks a million.


Glad that worked. Pain to do but at least you are up and running…

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