Finding someone to do production-quantities of lasering?

So I used my Glowforge to prototype an add-on for a game I’ve been playing, and long story short, after a call with the creator of the game I have permission to go to market with this thing.

Very excited!

The creator’s biggest concern is production capacity. One glowforge in my basement will not meet the likely demand.

So I’m looking into partnering with a company (preferably in Seattle) that offers laser cutting services at scale. And I have no idea where to start looking.

Anyone have any ideas?


A quick google for “custom laser cutting seattle” turned up a handful of providers.

Click here for stupidly long URL


It might be complex to arrange but there might be a fair few other forge’s in your area. perhaps you could make some additional Glowfolk who would absorb additional demand ad-hoc? Unless demand is craaaazy, in which case… congrats!

Hmm as an aside if @dan is watching… maybe a Glowforge community print option is a future big feature and / or revenue stream? 3D hubs allows you to find local makers who will print your part. Perhaps Glowforgers could put their forge’s up with hourly rates and capacity. People with more demand than capacity could farm jobs out for flat rates to those local Glowfolk?


Is there something about this product that makes the laser absolutely mandatory?

Like 3D printing, the laser is a great tool for short run or custom production, but for high volumes, you may want to look into other methods.

Can you describe the product without revealing too much, but with enough specificity that we can suggest alternatives?

I live in Seattle and would be interested in helping you, assuming the rate makes sense financially. Send me a note if you are interested.