Finger print problem

Hey Guys and Girls. I need some help. Does anyone know w

hat is causing these dots. My design does not have the dots on bottom of the circle

Without being able to see the source file, I’m going to go with compression artifacts. These are from a JPEG that has been highly compressed, or resaved many times, or both. The Glowforge ignores pure white but these compression artifacts will usually result in a very light shade of gray. When they show up hot pink in the UI, it makes them very obvious. And when they get engraved by a laser they become obvious.

The way to fix it is either: find a better source image, or B. Use photo editing to adjust the image until those compression artifacts are adjusted out.


Is it a vector file or a image file? Sometimes image files have a shade of white just slightly off and that’s what it’s probably picking up

This problem just stared. I have made a dozen of these from the same file without any issues. I’ve attached the file. (216.3 KB)

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That’s bizarre. I checked for varying colors and there are none in those locations where the “smudge” is appearing. Not sure what is being pickup here…

I also cleaned the lens of the camera… That didn’t fix it :frowning:

Does this look like where you are seeing the thumbprints?

I copied the embedded image over into Photoshop and adjusted the threshold to turn anything non-white into black. When I select the area where the thumbprints are with the eyedropper, it is showing a black value of “1”, which means it’s not really going to be seen with your eye - but it’s going to be picked up in the engrave.


Yes that is what i see. Thanks so much. i will try to clean it up

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should also be easy enough to set the ball layer in the gfui to Ignore, and see if the artifacts still show up in the preview screen, just to confirm that it’s just on that layer… but I would bet @jbmanning5 is spot on.


I vectorized it. If you can use it…:slight_smile:
ballplayer.pdf (17.7 KB)

What version is that .ai file from? I can convert it

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cc 2018

lol I can only go as high as illustrator CS6

See if it works… (967.8 KB)


Does anyone know any issues with the glow-forge design website. I upload my artwork and it prompts that there is no artwork.

I’m using latest version of firefox

Is it too big to fit on the 20x12 workspace? Is it far off the bed so the GF can’t fit it in the cuttable area?

If you zoom the GFUI way out you may see where it landed.

No it is small and it is on workable space. In fact all of my previous designs were tested and they are all prompted with the same message. Here is the svg file.HAYLEENew

It will say no artwork if it hasn’t detected Proofgrade material and you haven’t yet selected any operation settings on the left.

That is not the case either. I have made many many designs that were engraved and cut perfectly. This problem started yesterday

Saw this once recently but it disappeared when I selected the material and got a selection box around the design. Something changed in priorities when the UI loads up maybe? Dunno.
Thought nothing of it, but could cause an issue, as seen by you.

Clue was no selection box around the art I think. Without the selection box, apparently the UI did not see anything, hence No Art prompt.

If this occurs again and no selection box is seen, drag your mouse around the design for a selection box (and also make sure the older known issue is resolved by selecting proper material or a manual thickness).