Finger savers

simple finger saver… I did them in thick acrylic and they are amazing… but to save $$$… i did them in MDF… perfect cheap alternative …
enjoy …mark

Glorious Maimu-Habbi


65 Years worth of scars, but I managed to keep all of them.


is this suppose to be for pealing off the masking??

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Looks awesome, I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow morning. Thank you for the share.

No … They are for pushing buttons… key pads … elevator buttons… Pulling open doors… draws… Picking noses… Scratching… All the things people are trying to do with there elbows…


I’m new here. I must be missing something. If I click the download on the picture it just downloads your picture posted of the already made acrylic ones. Is there a trick I’m missing?

Thank you

it’s there beneath that photo in the large white space. it’s just really hard to see because the strokes are very thin (.003 pt) and red.

i reuploaded it here with a heavier black stroke and you should be able to see it now.



I’m having trouble getting my SVG files to upload
I will keep trying

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it uploaded just fine. i was able to grab it. as i mentioned in my reply above, if you have really light line weights (in this case, .003 pt thin) and lighter colors (red vs black in this case), it can be difficult to actually see the image on the screen. all i did was bump up the point size of the stroke to 1 pt. that made it easy to see on the screen.

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Isnt this just as bad as using your hand, and then not washing it? Arent you just going to touch something infected with this, and then put it in your pocket/bag/wherever and let it rub those germs on everything?


Dude you ROCK… this may explane why I cant see any of my SVGs in inkscape…

if you’re keeping up with standard practices… (as you should)… its a great way to minimize surface interactions… we have no real idea on how long and to what suffices the CoV19 can live on… this is better than gloves as people who use gloves tend not to clean them as if its skin… making cross contamination much more likely …

Oh believe me, I am. This is not considered standard practice. Hand-washing, and glove use in certain situations is more than enough.

I dont think theres any evidence to substantiate this. gloves, used properly, and even handwashing can remove the need for such a device. These can introduce an additional infection vector along with a false sense of security.

If you made a holster that these went into, that UV sterilized or alcohol sterilized them between each use; now that would reduce or remove that vector depending how it was done.

Regardless, anything that you carry into a contaminated area will become a vehicle for germs. Its best to keep carried items to a minimum.