Fingernails Rejoice!

Ladies & Gentlemen, may I present…

For five dollars you get the scraper with 11 double-edged plastic “blades” that are softer than acrylic… Gorilla tape works well, but these? A game changer. When peeling the backing off of these inch-and-three-quarter “coins”:

Gorilla tape left a good percentage of the dots in the inner ring. the scraper peeled it clean in seconds.

(My only complaint is that the dots end up everywhere… But that’s not the scraper’s fault.)


Solid advice, plastic razors are the way to go for weeding fine engraves.

For some other tips on tools people might like, check out 1a:


I freaking love plastic razor blades. They are the best!
Also, Harbor Freight has several cheap pick sets that are all excellent for removing cut pieces from the GF while not moving your material that’s pinned down.


So 2 things, 1) ceramic is also pretty amazing, and 2) in a way it is the scrapers fault :stuck_out_tongue:

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I share the love of plastic razor blades and have been using them for a few years, now. Something else that I use a lot is an old set of dental tools that I got from my dentist years ago. They are incredibly useful in many ways.

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just ordered it

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