Finishing up some Christmas gifts

I’ve been running around between work and the forge trying to design and finish up some Christmas gifts.
First up another LED sign:

This time I didn’t use the gradient trick, I opted to just change the power levels for each line of wording, and hope that the score for the football was light enough to allow the light to flow.
Turned out nicely, I think.

Second, another desk nameplate Harry Potter style:

Went with some 1/8 ply then attached PG veneers to the name and broom. I engraved the name and broom into the base ply then inlayed another ply section to give it depth and lock it in. Used an oil marker to “paint” over top of the scored section of the broom.

Third, the free file from @Aloha for the coin trick:

My wife’s niece is big into card tricks and is on a geometric drawing kick, so I had her draw a design on a print out of the file then scanned it back in.


All three are very nice! The fan zone sign is sharp


Excellent idea on that acrylic sign! I will have to try that power level trick.


Great work! The nameplate is amazing!

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