Fire/Air Assist

How long does it usually take to get a new air assist fan. So we were having issues with small fires flaring up, so we cleaned the air assist but then it happened again but this time it burned the air assist fan and now it won’t work. We are in the middle of a huge order. the wheels are fine everything else seems fine, I just get the error about the air assist. Please any help. Yes I have already emailed support.

Posting here just opened another ticket with support, and I don’t know if this is something the community can help with… Maybe post some pictures and someone might have an idea?

Oh sorry I didn’t know it would open another ticket with support. Sorry about that.

They might close this thread since they are already communicating with via email.

Thanks for letting me know that. I thought they only reply via email and this forum was for users. Now I know. I was just wondering if someone had a similar issue and how long it usually takes. We really need to be up and running.

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You might be able to find that replacement fan somewhere, but it might take just about as long to get it as it does for Glowforge to send you one.

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It looks to me like at least that belt is fried as well. They will likely send you that whole plate with a belt and I expect you will need it,

Do you know why you are having the fires?

The weird thing is the belt is unscathed.


Its my understanding from others it has to do with the air assist not working properly.

I haven only had my Laser since February.

I am looking at the belt near the plate on the right side the looks pretty scathed. :grimacing:

The fan is a off the shelf item, I’ve seen a post about it somewhere

I will have to keep looking I couldn’t find a thread.

When you say “small fires,” how big is that? What are you cutting and what settings? I get some small flares with acrylic, especially with a lot of intricate cuts, but if it’s anything more than that, you will want to figure out why that’s happening in the first place.

I’m sorry to hear that your air assist fan is damaged. I was able to verify that we received your email, and we’ve been in touch regarding next steps there, so I’m going to close this topic.