Fire Hazard of Acrylic

A different air assist system, but a good example of why most fires involve acrylic.


Yeah that looks like really insufficient airflow. In order for vapors to ignite you need a fair concentration, if you have enough airflow it shouldn’t have enough fuel to catch fire.


Here’s a slo-mo video on the Trotec. This is cutting too slow, but gets a really nice polished edge also. This is with 850+CFm pulling from underneath.


That thing has some serious airflow.

It has two exhaust ports - one below the bed (suction) and one for above the bed. I have a 1.5 horsepower hooked up to each port, rated at 850cfm each. The bottom is always full on, but the top has dampers that I can control the air flow with. This is more useful if you just have one fan with a y-adapter, but also useful for some materials where it’s more beneficial to pull the fumes down and through the material.


Nice to have that configurability!
How’s the puzzle effort going? It occurs to me that with the pandemic and lock-down the need for a time suck would serve you well.

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