Fire in the Hole

My husband just took my machine apart and cleaned every fan. The machine is put back together, but when I tried a new cut, I’m getting some flame and machine is not cutting through. Help.

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Make sure the lens isn’t in upside down. As to the flame, that may be normal. Depends on what’s being cut, speed, etc.


Also, check to make sure that he installed the air assist fan (behind the head) in the correct direction. (It’s easy to get it installed backwards.)

When you are printing, the fan should blow the smoke towards the front of the machine with a strong force. If not, it might be in there backwards.


It was the lens. Sometimes he helps me right out of my mind.
Thanks all!


I’m terribly sorry to hear about the issue with the lens. I see you’ve also emailed us, and I’ve just replied to your husband there. We’ll continue to work on this with you through email, so I’m going to close this post.