FIRE ugh

Has anyone experienced a fire on their glowforge. I did and the tray melted and the belt the laser travels on is frayed…it’s likely the entire thing is garbage.

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Was it material that caught on fire while it was being cut?


I’m so sorry to hear that , I haven’t experienced a fire, so sorry that’s gotta suck , you did contact support correct, they don’t monitor the community

There have been lots of fires over the years. Sometimes the damage is confined to belts and other replaceable parts. Good luck.



well their is liquid leaking so I suspect it’s shot

If it was Proofgrade Acrylic and using default settings, support can examine the logs to confirm and might be willing to work with you.

They can check the camera image prior to the cut and verify the settings.

Were you monitoring it?


I’ve started a few fires over the years. The most serious melted the air assist fan and x-axis belt, so I bought a new carriage plate and was back up and running.


the liquid is leaking out from the tube

Not from the laser tube I’m sure, but from one of the rubber hoses that brings coolant into and out of it probably. Which is repairable, if not by you, then by Glowforge/factory staff. Regardless, customer support will make you an offer to get you back up and running, even if it’s just send us the broken machine and we’ll sell you a refurbished replacement at a discount. If you haven’t already, you need to mail to get in touch with them.


How did you know what to replace and what to buy?

We are in the same boat. I looked over and there was a contained fire. The belt is frayed and I get an error message in the app that says “BUMP”. :sob: :sob: :sob:

I looked inside to see what was damaged. There’s not that many components that go into a Glowforge. Glowforge’s support agents will also gladly give you tips on what to inspect after a fire. Send them pictures.


An expensive lesson… NEVER LEAVE THE GF UNATTENDED! It only takes a second to go from cut to fire.


With some acrylics and paper products (card stock, cardboard, etc) it is advisable to waste the time and stand there watching.
Stacked things also tend to ignite.
I bought a useless blue marble looking acrylic once that is not laser friendly at all. The beam on it is like a match, probably from whatever resource was used to make it look like marble. So there is massive blow torch activity as it cuts. Bleh…

Sure hope it is all replaceable. Sounds like you got to it fast and belts, etc, should be a DIY if moderately mechanically inclined.


That sucks. Hope it’s at least somewhat salvageable.

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