Firmware updated default start and end points?


I believe Glowforge just added a new code to the firmware.
Now when the print job ends the Printhead goes directly under the camera solving the need to manually move the print head under the camera during start up.



And it just sits there? How do you get your material out then? (Don’t say “carefully.”)


I haven’t confirmed the behavior but sounds like you’ll need to start making more use of the front door.



If they did that, it would’ve likely been through the cloud software.

All motion commands appear to come directly from the cloud, and are only executed by the firmware.

But this sounds more like a bug rather than a feature. Like @Tom_A said, makes load/unload a little difficult.


Well that’d be some bull. I’m close to being ready to run a job. So I’ll confirm soon.


I doubt that this is the case. The head needs to be back to upper left, out of the way to enable the lid camera to take a pic of the material and place the design in an open field.

Now a routine that upon power off that parks the head under the lid camera for the quick snap at startup, that would be interesting, but no good in the end. I generally load material before turning the machine on so I cut down on calibration.


I always forget! :slight_smile:
Except tonight… for like the fist time ever. I actually remembered to load my material before switching on. And then, of course, I felt like I was forgetting something. :wink:


Never mind false alarm - it just paused for a few minutes then resumed to move the carriage to the upper left limit


Mine is doing an extended calibration meditation at the moment after a small job. I didn’t open, didn’t do anything, just sitting there, calibrating…head parked under the lid camera. Yes, there are so many unexpected behaviors that one isn’t sure what’s a bug and what’s a feature. Most of the time, I don’t have issues, but sometimes…


Thanks for the answer @marmak3261, that’s right.

We really appreciate the feedback and for letting us know about this!

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