First 100 projects in 5 months time

Thanks, I thought it gave it some class with the smoke on the glasses too. If you want to donate to your local firefighter department I have the template on my free files group.


So many great things! Fantastic work


It looks great. When I first saw it I thought the firefighter was looking into the flames and that was a reflection of it in the goggles

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So much diversity here! The sandcastle and ocean piece is breathtaking. Congrats on 100!


Thank you, that was an actual picture I took of someone’s sand castle they spent six hours building they say by hand on Florida beach. When I was on vacation.

My fav is the eagle. :wink:

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So inspiring. Great to have these all in a row. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

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No problem. Thank you

Wow, great collection you have here!

I was scrolling through quickly, and I could have sworn your “faith over fear” said “faith over bear”


In a way, it’s kind of the same thing… :wink:

How can you be scared of this little guy. :wave:


I’ve had others say that too, but its faith over fear lol

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