First 3d build: Ukulele Stand


So one project I’ve been planning for some time is to make a new home for my ukulele.
It’s a sopranissimo, so it’s very small, even for a uke(seen here with me, for exaggerated scale)

So a stand for it is easily within the size of the GF bed. Until now, it has lived on this makeshift matboard stand

So obviously wood is going to be a major upgrade.

I knocked together a stand in Sketchup, spent time making sure my joints were just so, got it converted to SVG, loaded it up and hit the big flashing button and it snapped right together! Job done!

Er, maybe not so done. What’s that old saying about measure twice, laser once? I’d spent so much time worrying about the joints, I’d forgotten to check the width. Turns out, my spoo-- er, stand is too big.

It’s a little hard to see, but the ukulele is sitting on the table. It passes right between the supports.
So! Back to sketchup, edit some angles, fiddle with some joints, figure out I can fix it only recutting the front and back piece (which is good, since they’re small.) Zap it again and Voilà; a perfect fit.

And at this point, I was feeling rather proud of myself, so I decided to take a victory lap by shooting a fun design through the sides. Artsy!

Anyway, it’s a huge step up from the old matboard stand and I’ve learned a lot. Maybe I’ll even go so far as making one out of something other than draftboard… eventually.


The cool part of having your own laser is that you can live with a design for a while, then make another later down the road, incorporating the “I wish I had…” features.

Great design and write-up!


Beautiful, I was just thinking one of the first projects I do when my Glowforge arrives is to make a stand for my late Father in laws 1930s Banjole. Also quite small, but not as small as yours. Great job.


Awesome! All through the discussion, i was just itching to see cutouts in it…then… Bam! There they were! :grinning::+1:


As I get more comfortable with finding the balance between structure and design, I think it’ll get progressively less clunky. The front brace in particular has a lot of room for stylizing.


Oh man, your first mistake would fit my hubbies ukulele just fine. :wink: Beautiful design and I really love the patterning on the sides.


Wow, no kidding! That uke is tiny! Never saw an instrument where the headstock was bigger than the body.

Your stand for it was great and I like how you embellished it.


Love the personalized touch :clap::clap::clap::clap:


A couple more little details done. The y-piece at the top will eventually get some sort of cord that can wrap over the neck and hook on the other side for added security.


I bought some of this a bit ago for another project and it would work great probably.
Hard knot under the closed hole and a pull weight (like you see on fans and blinds) on open end.

elastic string


Thanks! I’m thinking I might do some sort of braided cord with a tassel, but this is also a good option.


Love your finishing touches!!


Love. Love. Love this stand!! Go uke!!!


Love the victory lap details! Artsy indeed. :slight_smile:


Its so cute :heart_eyes: I love the lacey detail you gave the sides of the stand!! I’m sure your wee uke is happy on its new throne! :heart: