First 3D Engrave! Happy with it!

Hi there, it’s me again!
Since I’ve ordered few A3 Birch Plywood from Amazon, I’m doing some tests here and there!

This is a result of a 3D engraving I just did!

Selected the proofgrade Maple Hardwood so i could select the 3D engrave option!

Let me know if you like it!

This is the Image I’ve used!


Gorgeous !


Lovely results! :smile:




Ohmygosh, amazing! I wish I could generate an image like that.


Give me some time and I will create a Tutorial and will post here!


I would love to learn how to do that. You can only do so many of the Chinese ones. :joy:


That’s a spectacular engrave. I’m trying to get depth maps down.


I haven’t tried that yet but I really like that.


I was about to hit 3d engrave on an image I am about to do, in your image, is the white the highest stuff and black is the depth it engraves? Take a look at my image. It seems by your image that I might have to invert my image.

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Yes you need to invert it for a start but it would be more complicated than that. The roof would need to go over a range so it would appear to slant and so with the wall below it. As it is the shadow of the roof on the wall would come up higher than the rest of the wall and the water generally would need leaving alone rather than inverting and perhaps the same for the mountain beyond the sky would be near black, but any clouds you could pull out would be barely lighter than the rest of the sky and not darker.

There would be a lot more depending on how much effort you wanted to drop into it. Or you could build most in actual 3d and make a height map from it.


Wonderful work and thanks for sharing. Your comments on inverting the image - but not necessarily the entire image ; this really helps me with a couple of projects I’m working on.


Sorry if I didn’t reply on time but I think it’s a matter of time difference as I’m in London! :blush:

But I think you got all explained there!

Is that a photo you converted into it? If so, post the original and I will try to help you on that!


Did you make that image from scratch? Or even from a painted original there is a remarkable amount of detail to get right.

Did you do some with a fox? In a box? On a train? In the rain… :grin: Sorry - that popped into my head LOL
Seriously - Nice engraving, did you make the greyscale mapping? Came out really well !! What are the dimensions?


Hi there, no, I didn’t create this one!
Found it online!

Kkkkkkk is that Doctor Seuss? If so, is just because my daughter is REALLY into it and I might heard it a lot at home! :rofl::sweat_drops::man_facepalming:t3:

Green eggs and Ham! :wink:

Funny things are everywhere! Lol

Hi cynd11, here is the video I promised !

I did quick so you get an idea… it varies pic to pic anyway… your designer eyes will make te difference… but the image you choose to use, makes the difference…
In that case for example, I would work a bit making the background 100% black and leave just the flowers etc with depth map! (I hope you know what I mean)
Also, there are different ways of doing it… but if you don’t have any knowledge with 3D Softwares, the crazy bump software is a good tool to “make it up”.

I use Autodesk Maya to create my 3D’s and with that, create 3D Depth Maps. have a look for:
3D Depth Map in Maya on Youtube you will find a bit to clarify a bit more! :slight_smile:

Sorry if the video is a bit rushy but I didn’t want the file to be HUGE for uploading and the video to be boring! as there is no talking and texts…

If you need any help let me know and I’m more than happy to help!



Now you can do it!