First actually project

Here is my first “showable” project. I am still trying to figure stuff out. Seems like a ruin much more than I create (I’m more of a wing it and see how it goes type of a person). I am having trouble with cut consistence using oak ply. And it seems that when I cut an image and then immediately try to recut the same image my glow forge program is changing the size. If you have any help for info or comments I would appreciate them.


That’s beautiful!

We all throw away (or more commonly re-use) “bad” projects. It’s part of the process. I do a lot of design in cardboard to lessen the cost of what I’m trashing!

Can you go into more detail of what you mean here?

If you cut something, then change out the material and hit print again is it changing size? That should definitely not be happening

Or when you copy paste is it changing, or are you re-uploading and it’s different? You might want to open a separate post, but we’re happy to try to help you figure that out!


Nice piece!


When I cut and then change material. The image on the screen is always bigger than the original cut. By up to an inch. I’m using safari and I thought a came across a feed somewhere that said safari might be a problem?

That’s a pretty impressive first project! I really like that!


At least try a different browser - I suggest Chrome.

The size should definitely not change between prints. Have you run the camera calibration process?

I don’t use Safari so I’m not familiar with that particularly, but you’ll want to use Set Focus when you change material - because the image on the screen is an extrapolation of the actual image (which is really really curved) - Set Focus makes the math accurate and therefore the image more reliable.

Test that next time and see if that fixes the problem.

That being said, if you’re replacing with the same type of material you should be able to just hit print and it’ll be identical (presuming you haven’t moved the laser head, or bumped the tray or anything) - even when the image on the screen is wonky

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No I have not. Where do I do that from?

I tried hitting set focus a moment ago and I didn’t change anything. I wasn’t sure if that was something I was supposed to do everytime, or at a specific time. I will try it again and see if anything changes. And yes it is when I am using the same materials. Thank you for you advice.

Thanks for the link. I meant I hadn’t done the camera calibration :wink:

Thanks! Like I said first “showable” project. I have butchered a few things before I got to this :joy:

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I should add - it looks great to me, despite the issues you seem to have!

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We have all been there! :rofl:

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Pretty cool! :grinning:

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Anytime you either move the camera (open the lid) or change out material (even matching material because there are variations in everything) and you want to visually align anything.
I’ve taken to doing it more often than not - it’s only a few seconds, but I’m totes a hobby user so a few seconds doesn’t matter. There are some production folks who probably use it less


Looks great

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Fun puzzle.

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