First attempt at inlay


After almost 6 months of 'forging, I finally got brave enough to attempt some engraving with PG woods and (first Gen) PG veneers…

All in all it turned out well, aside from realizing that (1) I don’t have enough Cherry Ply to complete the project, and (2) neither of the 1st Gen plys are finished. :thinking: My bad, but I just didn’t realize the implications of the recent changes to Proofgrade veneer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Still pretty happy, but my nephew’s birthday is Thursday and I don’t think I’ll get these done by then. Drat.

I’ve got four more sets of veneers stained (drying overnight) – will give it another go tomorrow evening.

Now to find some green and blue stains in handy pen dispensers. :innocent:

I’ve posted elsewhere that adding engrave settings for known PG materials would be well received.


Colored Sharpies. (Any office supply store - they are fantastic.)

Superb inlay job! :grinning:


That is an awesome job. My first attempt was not that good. What is the diameter of your piece? :grinning:


Really nice Dennis! I’ve got some cherry Proofgrade with your name on it… I could send it with Mallory who flies back from California this afternoon, and will be returning to Foco today.
How much you need man?

For that Phoenix, the veneer came in @0.020 and the default dark engrave depth right at 0.019 so I was pleased with the ease of the result.


4" diameter

:+1: Thanks, just need one sheet – I’ll PM you in a moment.


This group is so amazing! What a kind offer!


The project will see completion!!!


I couldn’t agree more — the folks here are the absolute best! Thanks to @PrintToLaser & his daughter, I’m back up and running.


Glad to help. When you offered to run a sheet of those tokens for me I was so pleasantly surprised. Happy to reciprocate! :sunglasses: