First Cut with the 'forge - Ornament!

My Glowforge arrived today and here is my first designed-by-me cut! After the obligatory Gift of Good Measure, then honeycomb pins (thanks @eljefe4!), I finally got to make …(drumroll)… this!

I’m so incredibly beyond excited to own a Glowforge! I did way too many hours of research and honestly it was this community that sold me on this laser. My 'forge is named GreenRanger (you guessed it, I’m a 90’s kid) and I’m very happy to finally join your ranks. Hello!


Hey, welcome to the forum, congratulations, and that looks like a great first project!
Awesome results! :grinning:


Welcome, you will love it here, nice looking ornament.

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Welcome! The ornament looks great!

This community was also one of the final selling points for me.


Welcome. You are off to a good start.

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Welcome… are you from NC?

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Yep! Born and raised!

Welcome! Great first project.

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Yahooooo! Very nice job on your first design, way better than mine. I’d like to go back and purge some of my early stuff from the forums.


Really nice job! Congratulations on your first project … and welcome to the forum!