First day with the beast online!


Well, I was one more that received the Glowbaby while on Holidays…
When I got the message that it was delivered, I just could not enjoy my holidays anymore…LOL
Just wanted to go home! :slight_smile:

Here are the bits and pieces I made today.!



Chuckle! Oh yeah, that’s a bad news bear! :smile:
(And that Pacman design is da bomb!)


Wow! You have been busy! Looks like fun times!


LOVE the Pac man! Very good!


Pretty amazing Day 1 output!


Wow! Love the PacMan Tile and the Bee/Hornet!


I dig the little t-shirt hangers


Loving that iPad (?) cover, that’s AWESOME!


That’s an old Macbook Pro.
Was a try, really liked it!


Okay, I love the acrylic wasp. that just turned out too cool!


Is the bee an available pattern or did you design that yourself? Very awesome!


Hi, I’ve found it somewhere ! Will check and let u know!


I’ve seen that one before on Thingiverse.


Its somewhere else as well!:+1:t2:




That Pac Man book is awesome! LOVE IT!