First Day!


Got my forge today! Spent about 6 hours playing with him I named him JorditheForge.
The start of a wooden dream catcher, I’ll be cutting leather feathers tomorrow to add to it.

A leather bookmark that ended up being slightly to wide.

The button! Engage!

Anchor for the chief! My hubs.


That’s all for today.


That’s your day 1? Impressive!


Awright! Warp factor One Mr. Sulu! Everything looks great! :grinning:


Gosh–all that in one day? Marathon session I’d say. Looks like there was a lot of pent up creativity just released! :smile:


Nice job! Care to share some of that “1st Day” skill on me :nerd_face: ( do functional and need some creative polishing).


100% facts.


Its so easy. I just created a picture printed it and then had the GF take the picture and do the cuts. The dream catcher was also easier than it looks. I used the star tool in inkscape.


That’s what GF was trying to do. Those of us buried in design tool trivia miss that. This is exactly what they were pitching for this machine.


Welcome! Can’t wait to see the finisher dream catcher. You cranked out a lot of sweet projects on day 1!