First design - Folding Dice Tower with hinge

I was looking through all of the awesome dice towers that people have been making and sharing (and made one of them). I wanted to make one in that could slide down into the corners of the gaming table I am building, and rotate the tray down immediately from there (without pulling the pieces apart). This is my initial attempt at designing one. There are some minor changes I want to make and some engraves to pretty it up, but I am pretty happy with the basic function.


Very nice, and cool dragon! :grinning:

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Thanks! (the dragon image is definitely not my work though, so I cant take any credit there)

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This is the gaming table for reference:

I am planning to build compartments into the corners to slide the dice towers up from.


Wow! :sunglasses::+1:



I am planning to build a folding dice tower into my gaming table.

Mine is an Ikea-hack and i have a lot of side space to put things like drawers and counter holders into (i mostly board-game the classics). I will build a couple of dice towers into it that can fold down when not required.


Very nice! This is high on my to-do list for my son-in-law. Had hoped to do for his birthday (it was Friday). Celebration dinner here today … could I? Hmmm … probably not, but very soon!

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Very cool. Want to build a gaming table myself. Please post updates as you continue working on it!

Nice! Do you have any pictures posted of your gaming table? I have been thinking about incorporating drawers into mine, but haven’t figured out a good way to do it while still leaving space for everyone’s laptops.

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Thanks! You are welcome to the files for mine, but it is designed for 1/4" plywood and I neglected to measure the actual thickness of the wood (I did a literal 1/4" gap), so there is some slush in the joins (still works perfectly, but doesn’t look as nice). I plan to upload the repaired version once I get around to fixing it.

Edit: Apparently I don’t know how to upload svg files in here - is it different than the photo upload process?

Thanks, will do!

It helps to Zip them first before uploading. To upload the zipped file, you can just drag and drop it from the desktop onto an open post.


Thanks for the info!
My Dice (7.4 KB)


Very kind of you to post your file for this. Thank you.

I did already start tweaking another to use, but I do like to look at different files to learn more about how to create new files.

Actually it is down the shed right now as i am putting on some skirting to allow for card & drink holder trays… it is still very much a work in progress.

As mine is almost exclusively for Boardgaming (currently playing Gloomhaven & Legendary Encounters: Alien with the wife. Solo games of Target for Today and D-Day at Tarawa. Some weekends i have a game of Advanced Squad Leader) so there is no need for PC/Screen integration for me

The drawers are more like flip-top boxes for counters and the like… and until I get my Glowforge (currently supposed to arrive in April) they are just at the planning stage :frowning:

What hinges are you using on your table

Gloomhaven looks soooo good…

It is… it is really one of the most fascinating games i have come across… ground breaking ideas, interesting legacy campaign and the mechanics work well.
We are currently a bit addicted to it

Super tempted but I am in the double digits of games on the shelf still in shrink wrap. Going to wait a bit and hope it stays in print long enough for the price to normalize. Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

Would love to see your game table as well. Mine is currently just a piece of plywood with a fabric/vinyl wrap. Functional but just barely. In serious need of an upgrade.

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I don’t know what the stores are selling it for there but most retailers i see are not gouging too much, you might be able to buy an unloved copy cheaper, or a SH one… but it is a legacy game so that might not be the best option.

IMHO it is well worth the money but then again, i don’t buy any games i don’t play and if you have a bunch gathering dust then i can see your caution

I used a pair of Ikea Lerhamn tables. They are fixed together giving us a huge gaming space

I used dowel to guide and fix the table-top in place; it removes with ease when we game. It allows us to do dinner parties (seating 10) or play a game whilst still having a game set up underneath.
The gaming area is fixed to the underside of the frame, it is covered in micro-suede (feels nice, doesn’t jag cards and is water resistant) and is backed by cheap rubber-backed carpet (more liquid protection).
I am an ex-croupier so i was going for the same feel as some of the gaming tables i used to work.

Total cost to get to this point < $200 Australian.
For comparison sake a purchased pine Gaming Table is > $1000 Australian.

I am currently adding some side skirts which are also slotted to allow for trays to be attached as needed, these will carry bits and bobs a player needs. I will also add drink holders to these. This is all WIP right now so a photo is not really an option.


  • Cheap, without looking too cheap. I will replace the tops with better wood once it is done but it is OK enough for now.
  • Has space on the main table top as well as below it on the dedicated gaming space.


  • Not as much leg height as i would like… that will be the next fix
  • The Brackets Ikea use are very clunky hence the reason why i will build a 12cm area inside the gaming table to hold more stuff (and hide the ugly brackets)