First Edge-lit Acrylic

This was fun: 1/4" clear acrylic sign, with a base of layered Draftboard and Maple Ply (all Proofgrade). I used maple for the top layer only.

Following the advice here, I used a gradient to engrave the top portions more deeply than the bottom. It was an interesting puzzle to figure out the various layers for the base, so that I could embed the light strip, wiring, and plug.


Nice job man! The base came out great.

Most fun I have had in many years. Exploring materials and ideas, like a treasure hunt!


Beautifully done! :grinning:


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Also giggle like a kid when I find some of that treasure.

I really like that base. And the quote is great!

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Such a cool piece, and I can definitely see the effect of the gradient in the acrylic!