First foray into Edge Lighting (A Certain Extraterrestrial Baby)

I screwed up over the holidays and miscalculated the size of a project I intended to build and found it was not doable without either new equipment (i.e. tools) or massively modifying existing equipment.

As such, a gift was never made.

In an attempt to redeem myself, this is my first foray into edge lighting.

Think she is probably going to love it.

[ For those who might want to know: Very simple, PG Medium Acrylic with GF settings @ SD Quality, however, may try it out at HD Quality just to compare and contrast]


Did you cut first then engrave? Did you remove masking before cutting and engraving? Looks like you are getting some flashback from the honeycomb tray.

I would cut first with masking on remove the piece (without moving the sheet of acrylic) from the GF and remove the masking. Then place the puzzle piece backing and continue with the engrave.


No, I engraved then cut with masking on.

Haven’t really researched working with acrylic that much yet.

Thank you for the tips and tricks.

It’s adorable :smiley: That baby is taking over the universe :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I note with edge-lit is that if your design works for it (and this one does) if you make the edge the same as the edge of your design it looks far more like the baby is standing all by itself, instead of surrounded by an outline



That is awesome! I’m positive any Mandalorian fan would love this. I know this is crossing lines but…Resisting The Child is futile!


Once you post these on social media or take one into the office you get a huge list of requests! Reminds me I need to get more bases soon!

One other note if you continue, the black gorilla tape works GREAT for getting the masking off detailed designs. Learned this after spending an afternoon trying to get the masking off my first project.


Thanks for the advice everyone.

Lets see where this goes from here.