First inkscape tab and slot

Having done many lasercut steel assemblies in solidworks with tab and slot, normally I would just go straight there to make this piece. But in the interest of learning inkscape better I decided to do it there.

Overal it took me much much much longer to make the tab how I wanted but at least I figured it out. I’ll have to watch some other videos of people doing it online because It would take me a month to make a box with them in inkscape.

Anyways, here is the piece. It needs the slot a little wider because right now it only goes in from one side but that is just testing. (Picture was on a book to show what it is like to look through, not because I was lazy lol)


Cool use of the acrylic! Man, that design would be great edge lit!


That’s a great design!

Not only a great little project, but I also love the book! I don’t know if you meant to have that book go right along with learning something new but scientific progress does indeed go “Boink”.


Very laser appropriate. :smile:

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Kudos for avoiding temptation!