"first light" on the form 3

Finally figured out the workflow to get the Form 3 up and running (there were some shipping snafus, some resin cartridge issues and finally a bed sensor issue, which ended up being a directions issue actually). Anyway, finally fired the beast up and printed one of my favorite test objects (yeah, I know it’s not a benchy). But the detail is insane (and this is middle quality at 50u layers). This works so much more reliably than the mSLA printer I had in the past (which rapidly could turn any expensive resin you had into a booger-blob). Each of the windows is absolutely visible and the roof has shingles on it. Incredible.


For folks who want to see what that model looks like (it’s a great model since it requires no supports on an FDM printer):


I think @karaelena needs to do a full 5-axis of this on the cnc


Wow, it’s gorgeous! I might have to try printing that on my Elegoo Mars…




Now that you say it can be done in porcelain, I can only imagine everything that could be done in that. One of my main reason for going Glowforge was working in walnut etc. In a world drowning in plastic, making stuff in plastic has less appeal.

My mind boggles at what I would want to make that way.:exploding_head:

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Resin printers give me the same feeling as when laser printers were new: this is magic.

Can you indulge my curiosity and summarize the costs of setting up and feeding this beast?


I seem to recall the uncured resin is at least a strong irritant if not outright pretty toxic stuff?

Yes it can induce strong allergic responses if you get it on your skin (very chemically similar to epoxy). but gloves work perfectly. Cleanup is with IPA.

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well the bundle (printer/wash/cure) is around $4500, it’s the materials (you will never complain about Proofgrade prices again!). The resins are often around $150/L (but most models you print you hollow out which saves enormous amounts of resin). Part of what you pay for from Form’s resins is they just work with all the auto-magic settings similar to Proofgrade.


Interesting, thanks!

Oh, and in the past the Form printers have supported “Open Mode” which is using non-form resins (the trays and resins are RFID chipped) but currently the firmware on the 3 which is brand new that is disabled so there is no way to print using non-form resins which can be cheaper while the work out the current release. They have stated that open mode will come back in a future update

The ceramic resins as well?

Apparently it’s only 149…


At only 100ml per object maximum that would be ten per liter so $15 per object in theory but with supports half of that would end up as the object. 15% shrinkage is better than much porcelain that can be as much as 25%. And as noted elsewhere the time and effort might be harder to come up with than the money and the size range would still be tiny.

I mean for standard pottery it’s pricey, but their Example of the rocket nozzle is a perfect use case. High precision ceramic for aerospace, medical, etc

Glad you got yours! that’s a good sign, cause mine got delayed. been waiting since July.
can’t wait to give it a go!

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