First Photo Engraved

Tried first photo to engrave of our son, his girlfriend and out two dogs. I lightened it up some and then used speed 600, lines 450 and 30 as the settings. For the most part turned it ok for just winging it!


The siding adds a really neat feel of depth!


Very nice! I like that effect!

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What material is this? And yeah that’s an interesting effect, is it a HDR photo or something? Not bad at all…

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Super nice job on this!

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It is the cheap plywood from Home Depot (Birch I think). I continue to be amazed at this machine and how easy it is to product things!


Was that vary power or dots? Was 30 your power settings?

Awesome job!

I’ve “tried” to use birch plywood from HD but find the darker layers underneath the initial birch to be non-conducive to creating good engravings. Almost looks like a solarization of B&W pictures like we used to do in the dark room in high school.

The Russian birch plywood I found on Amazon is AWESOME for this.

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