First photo


I love this photo… (my parents)

This is a better picture. You can see the detail is actually there… top picture looks darker than it is


Very cool! What settings did you use? is that PG birch ply?


That was basswood from menards.

Heres the final picture on a $6 piece of live edge basswood from Target. 11" wide by 8" tall.

And put some poly on it to lock it in.



Very nice photo … And nice family keepsake!


I still can’t believe it only took an hour and 19 minutes. I used to use a 2.8w diode laser on my cnc machine and it would have taken 3 to 4 hours to do something this big


Awesome job! I need to check out Menards for material.


Hobby Lobby and sometimes Michael’s have these same live edge planks. (No Menards here :slightly_smiling_face:)


Hmm, the closest Menards is 500 miles away. And I thought the hobby lobby in Braintree was far!


So on top of the general coolness, I love that the knot looks like a ripple in the water!


I got the final large piece of basswood from target


Targets we have!


It was in the craft section near the school/office supply section


you can also find some interesting cheese boards/cutting boards in the kitchen section of target. if you shop there regularly, keep an eye on the clearance end caps. i haven’t etched them yet, but i picked up a couple of 20" long paddle style cutting boards for $10ish each on clearance.


Heres a link that I was directed to from target .com