First portrait engrave

I’ve done a few raster engraves from pictures online, but this is the first I’ve done from one of our family photos.

Done in medium maple ply.


Hi randavian!

Great engraving! We just got our GF this week and that is one of the projects we want to print. Complete newbies and we’ll do some experimenting too but just wondering if there are better materials than others for this purpose. Have you engraved photos on any other materials?

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I did a test engrave on hardware store Luan ply and this is the results.

I used the same setting as I did on maple except that I used a lower power on the Luan. It engraves deeper than the maple will, if I used the same power setting.

So the quality of the wood will definitely be a factor in settings and in results.

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thank you!

Did you do this on proof grade medium maple ply? I am fairly new to this and want to do this. Just not sure what type of wood to use.

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What a great outcome!

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Yes, the first picture is on PG material. I should mention that I took the masking off of the front of the wood, before engraving. If you leave the masking on, you will lose a lot of the very light details of the picture.

Good luck.

Thanks Dan!

Thanks for the tips! it looks awesome!

Is there any special settings or just scan the photo into the Glowforge?

How to prep a photo for engrave in Gimp or Photoshop.

I would advise looking at the tutorials that @eflyguy linked. With this photo, however, I didn’t have to do much to it. All I did was convert it to grayscale and lighten the whole photo, a bit. The original photo was almost perfect as it was.

When doing a photo do you leave the setting on “convert to dots” or do you change it to “vary power”? I’m curious on the settings used, and how long it took to engrave it. Ive tried a couple times here to do photos and I’ve had 3-5 hours of cut time… is this normal or am I missing a setting? Thanks for any advise

I left it on “convert to dots”. For the maple version, I left the settings default for the PG maple ply. I did take the masking tape off, before I engraved it. As for the time, this took about 30 mins, if I remember correctly. The size of it was roughly a 4x6 image. What size images were you engraving?