First Post first cuts and first little problem

Hello all i would like to introduce myself and my partner I’m Andrew and my partner is Karen. We are UK based.
We have just taken delivery of a Glowforge plus and we have been cutting non stop since we have had it (3 days). I have a question and i was hopping some one could answer for us. We have been cutting out objects and filling them with epoxy resin. The wood we used is masked both sides but we still get some resin getting under the masking.
Could someone recommended a good masking tape that stops the resin from running under it.
Many Thanks in advance.
Andrew and Karen

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Welcome to the forum.
I don’t have a specific answer about the masking, but it may be a problem that is not masking related. Porous wood will wick the resin no matter what the masking. It may be necessary to seal the engraved wood before introducing the resin.


Many Thanks dklgood. I will give that a try. I have sanding sealer. do you think that will do the job?

I can’t speak for @dklgood on this but I’ll say that I would use a finish that you want the final piece to have. For example, If you intend to finish the piece with polyurethane, then use poly to pre seal the resin.

@whengeekscraft may have opinions on this matter.


hello thats me! YES i have opinions on tape. Tuck tape. it’s the best. You can get it on amazon. it’s insanely sticky may need goo gone to get some of the sticky off after but it works very well.

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