First print issue

I just got my glowforge today and tried to print the gift of good measure file and its not working. It will let me push the button to start printing and it the printer head moves like it should be printing but nothing happens.
I’ve restarted the machine and cleaned the lenses…

Welcome to the forum! Double check the power setting…sometimes it defaults to ‘1’ which isn’t enough power to do anything.


Before your first print the lenses should not need cleaning unless you have fingerprints on them :slightly_smiling_face:


I didn’t know that - Great little tip.

It did default to 1 and I reset the design and it still didn’t not work

When you say you reset the design, does that mean you checked to make sure all cut/score/engrave settings were changed to Proofgrade settings?

Yes the design had somehow changed from the original power settings so I reset it back to the original power and speed settings but I think there is a problem with the laser… it isn’t firing

Hi @daniellelightcap. I’m sorry to see that you’ve run into trouble with the first print on your new Glowforge. I received your email, and just sent an response to help you get this resolved. To avoid any potential confusion, I’ll go ahead and close this thread to consolidate communications to the email thread. I’ll look forward to your response on there. Thank you!