First print not cutting


Received my Pro Thursday. Box had a small hole in bottom of box and 3 of 4 handles but no physical damage to the unit. I worked through the setup that night and could not get the gift of good measure to cut or engrave correctly on medium draft board. Engrave barely touched the masking and cuts are not going all of the way through. Cuts are stronger on the left hand side of the design and weaker toward the right. I’m cutting in the back left corner of the tray. I set the engraves and scoring to ignore and only ran the cut jobs. The third one I tried I repeated the same cut location 3 times and it still did not cut through.

During one of the calibration sessions I noticed the yellow window on the side of the head was rattling loose. I finger tightened it and wiped it and the window on the left of the machine with the provided wipes. I removed the head and checked that the ribbon cable was seated good. I also made sure the print head was firmly in place with the magnets. I removed the lens and reinstalled it to make sure it was seated properly and I made sure it was clean. I tried one more print before running out of time. It had no improvement.

Yesterday (Friday) I turned the unit on and confirmed it was talking with the app. I left it on for an hour or so. I did not have time to hook up the vent and do any prints but figured it’d be good to let it download any potential updates.

Today I had a few spare minutes so I fired it up. The head was in the back left corner and the unit completed the calibration over a couple minute time period. Previously I had been positioning the head under camera before turning it on. I secured the draft board with magnets to ensure it was flat. I selected the gift of good measure again set all to ignore except the circles cut. I tried the cut with the proofgrade settings and got similar results as Thursday night. I chose manual cut settings and set the thickness to .145 instead of the .125 proofgrade setting. I ran the cut again and got slightly deeper lines but still not all the way through. I ran out of time again.

Here’s a pic of the draftboard/cut attempts. (I started placing designs on top each other to stop wasting material)

What should I try next when I have time with the machine again?


Great write-up on your testing. (Sounds to me like Support will need to take a look at what’s going on though…)

I can’t think of anything else to try that you already didn’t look at.

One thing…the draftboard I’ve seen has been running closer to 0.13 inches, the 0.145" might have defocused the beam just a little bit if the material isn’t actually that thick. If you wanted to try 0.13" as your focal point it might make it all the way through, or you might want to just wait to hear back from Support. The loose window lens doesn’t sound good, the focusing of the beam might be off because of it. :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks Jules

I’m going to try sneak some time with it again tomorrow and will dial in the thickness. I’m also thinking about turning the board and sliding it in the pass through to try cutting on the same part of the board but directly under the lid camera.


Thinking the window is just that, a window transparent at the laser wavelength. Should just act as a dust cover.


Hope you’re right and I’m totally wrong. That part gets into the magical mysteries of getting that light beam all moving in the same direction, and it’s beyond my ken aside from one quick browse through of something Dan pointed us at once. :smile:

Dust cover would be good.


The first time you ran it, it might have tried to sense depth at the spot your magnet is sitting and got it completely wrong. Try it again on automatic with the magnet way far away from the cut point.


I’m so sorry to hear you’re having trouble @E.H. Thank you for providing such valuable details!

We’re looking into the issues you’re seeing and will update this thread when we know more.


I didn’t have the magnets the first night I worked on it. The board is pretty flat but deflected just a hair when tapping on it so I used magnets on the job I ran today. I will give it a shot with the magnets far out of the way.


Thanks Dan, I will also let you know if I learn anything new.


I’m not the expert here, but looking at this, there’s a chance that further printing could make it harder to get your machine working. Please don’t print again until @Dan_H is able to get back to you.


I’m so sorry to hear you’re having trouble @E.H. Thank you for providing such valuable details!

We’re looking into the issues you’re seeing and will update this thread when we know more.

In the mean time, please refrain from sending more prints to the machine, as it could make the problem worse. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Thanks @Dan and @rita


Unfortunately, I’ve determined that this issue can’t be fixed remotely. I recommend we move forward with a warranty replacement and will be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry for the bad news.

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