First project after ruler

I had my laser 2 days before I needed to put my box together. I was in a 3 day hinged box workshop. The box is conventionally done. I found the birds and the foot prints on line and tweaked them, printed them out and did a screen trace on the gf bed. Was a real hit in class. And I had a little surprise on the inside cover.


Laser designs on the conventionally built box look very nice!
(And looks quite sturdy as well!)

Just curious: why did you print/trace the image instead of just adding the digital file through the GFUI… Seems to me that adds unnecessary extra steps?

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I do a lot of my work in ms publisher and the create save as picture. I know this program exceptionally well and am a newbie to illustrator and inkscape

Wow, it came out great! Looks like a fun class.

I have never touched MS publisher… but I would think that once you have created your design, you can save it as something… does it give you the ability to save as a jpg, or a PDF?
If it does, you can just drag and drop that file into the dashboard of the GFUI.

For this project, the end result looks good, and the method to achieve it doesn’t matter, but avoiding the print/scan step might be very beneficial with other designs, like your cookie-batter spatula project.


Love it. VERY well done.

I would think the print’n’scan method wouldn’t be plagued by potential alignment accuracy errors, so until glowforge gets that completely dialed, that could be a reason for sticking to this method

That’s possible, I guess. I haven’t used the scan feature in a few months, maybe it has gotten better over the last few updates with regards to alignment. I wasn’t thinking about alignment though, as I don’t personally have major alignment issues when using the GFUI… I was thinking more about efficiency of the work flow, and maintaining the quality of the image or text (especially text) by maintaining the digital workflow and avoiding the optical/analogue steps.


I will try that. Thanks so much

That came out lovely.

Nice splined box!

Yep, great first project!

Thanks all!