First Project : Butterfly cell phone holder


I have printed stuff obviously, but this is the first thing I did a lot of actually making my own cut out lines and just learning to make things into vector files and such.
@smcgathyfay gets the credit for inspiring me to add my own things to the cell phone stand. My aunt liked the narwhal but loves butterflies and asked if I could do that. Here is what I ended up with.


That’s just beautiful! I love the filigree in the butterfly! :grinning:


Beautiful!! So glad I inspired you…you took it and ran!!:grinning:


Oh, that’s neat!


When I read the title I though you had made a teeny-tiny bug-sized cell phone holder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Very nice first designing effort! Making stuff is fun, designing and making something all your own is magical. Keep practicing and learning and you’re going to do more great things. :slight_smile:


You did a fantastic job!


Gorgeous! Nice job and keep up the good work!


Wow! What an innovative idea–it looks like you engraved most of the butterfly on the front and then made separate wing extensions for the sides with either plywood or hardwood. Is that right? It looks fantastic!


I love it!

Thanks for sharing with all of us :smile:


I was wondering the same thing but I think that it was just engraved then cut out. The smoke discoloeation makes it look darker.


Either way, pretty clever!


Yeah, not extensions, was part of the initial cut. Learned a lot trying to figure out how to make it look like it landed on the stand and telling it what to cut and not cut and engrave but not engrave.

Thanks all, much appreciated.
Lots of “Why are you not doing what I want you to do program?!” but was worth it. :smiley:




Neat! The extension of the engraved wood past the stand is clever. Keep us updated with your second project. And third. And fourth… :slight_smile: