First Project: Mansions of Madness board game Investigator Card case

This was my first project on my Glowforge. I had already made many of the token organizers & card dividers with my 3D printer.

I read thru the awesome tutorials that were shared in the forums… Thank you to everyone for sharing your knowledge!

I measured the stack of cards with my calipers, made the design in Adobe Illustrator, and then generated the finger joints using the joinery web app. Joinery App I LOVE it that the app can account for the kerf!

Here’s a link to my Instagram post of the final card case:
Mansions of Madness Investigator card


Very nice case! :sunglasses::+1:


Great job!

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I’m very happy with it as a first attempt. I already see some things I’d like to improve on my next project… mirrored left/right finger joints, fix the odd holes in the bottom corners of the finger joints, etc.

Definitely enough to get me excited about our new toy! :grinning:


…and the adventure begins! Congrats and have fun!

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