First projects on my GF

I received my new GF this week. After making the obligatory ruler, I spent some time messing about with proofgrade and non-PG materials to get a feel for the settings and GFUI.

Last night I made the Celtic knots and name plate for a project that has been waiting all year.

This morning over coffee I wanted to see just how small and detailed I could get. I used a pattern from an old leather project I had for a miniature tea cup. The original is 2.5 in tall - the GF version is, well - tiny. I know I could go smaller, but my fingers become the limiting tool at that point.

While I have had some issues with the interface, I am overall extremely pleased with my GF!



Oh that tiny little leather cup! (Would make a great thimble!) That’s amazing! :grinning:

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I see you’re starting a new franchise for the fairies; Starbuckies?
Very cool looking - how did you get the itty bitty holder to stick? Is it stitched too?

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If I scaled the design up a bit it would make a good thimble. That tiny one just barely fits on the end of a pencil. Lol


Love the tiny print! Can’t wait to see what else you make.