First shadowbox

Well I have the design finally finished for my first shadowbox. Only going 4"x6" and only 4 layers total thickness. Going to print it off on some draft board tomorrow since I have nearly all that came with my glowforge still haha. I would love to print it up tonight, but, it’s late and morning will be here soon…this stupid “work” stuff is for the birds!


Pics or it didn’t happen!


I will today lol. I got home from work yesterday to find a giant water leak under my kitchen sink due to a dead garbage disposal unit. THEN I got called out to drive 45 minutes back to work (I’m on call this week) just so I could reboot something… so yeah, yesterday didn’t leave much time for making anything lol. Today though I should have time to try my first box out. Just going to do all draftboard and probably paint it, just want to get an idea of how it’ll do.

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Serious leek under sink.



Can’t wait to see how the shadowbox turned out!


Hopefully I’ll be able to get it cut out tonight

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Alright everyone that was interested, pics going up now on the “MOGF” section!

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