First stab at a picture engraving. Comparing High detail to 3D

I wanted to finally try out a picture engraving. I decided to compare what the High quality and 3D look like next to each other. Here is right after the print.

Then I used a damp magic eraser and old toothbrush to clean it up quickly. Turned out pretty cool. These were both GF presets on Maple.


That’s pretty awesome.

Guessing top is 3d and bottom is High quality

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I find that the standard engrave option with a 340lpi does really well. I’ve done a handful of photo engraves, but always cool to see others doing it as well! If you’d like some tips, I did a post explaining my process.

Another tool I use is the app Snapseed on my phone. If you use “tonal contrast” is really boosts the details, and I’ll use the “details” tools to boost structure and sharpening. In my experience the glowforge will do a fine job of recreating whatever image you give it, so if it’s a soft image that’s what the results will show, but this also means that if it’s too overly sharpened it will reflect in the work.

Keep at it, I think what you’ve got here turnes ut really cool with her hair and all!


When you say magic eraser, you’re talking about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, no? I have been looking for a way to clean the sticky residue left behind by lighter engraving with the PG masking material.

What do you mean 3D vs SD Graphic… is there a 3D graphic setting somewhere? Do you mean

SD Graphic vs
HD Graphic?

What was the print / engrave time on each or combined?

There is a 3D engrave option if you have selected a compatible material and you have a grayscale image. It is expecting a grayscale depthmap, but of course it can’t really tell if it is actually a depthmap or not, but it will treat it as one.


They both turned out really nice.

Yes I read that in another post. This was the first try with it and it performed really well. I still ended up using a toothbrush to get the sponge debris off. It really ate up at the sponge so be careful.

I used HD Photo and 3D engrave to be specific as GF PG settings.

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Thanks for posting! I’m just starting to dabble with the engrave and seeing a comparison was my first thought.

good ol’ isopropyl alcohol also does the trick