First test of paper cutting


Testing out some paper cutting options, trying to reduce scorching. Settings are 150/1.


With paper cutting, is there a consensus on whether it’s better to:

  • have a high speed and corresponding higher power
  • go really slow, but with minimal power

I did some engrave and cut tests this weekend and was using thicker paper than normal printer paper, but settled on 1000/10 for a nice engrave result and something like 450/50 for a clean cut.

I’ll have to try the really slow low power method as well but on back metallic paper there is no visible scorching anyways.


Nice map test!

I’m moving to Beyond The Manual for discussion of settings.



I feel like it is gaming night when i see that many hexes!


Wow, that file is gorgeous! Nice work with the paper.


Highest speed possible. Keep the heat moving because the longer it lingers in an area the more likely the paper is to continue burning or smoldering.


I can see my home from here :yum:

Nice design!


gorgeous design!