First time attempting to engrave my poster designs

Took over 2 hours to print but turned out pretty sweet!


Great poster and a fabulous engrave!

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Wow, that’s a great poster. Do you have any of your work posted elsewhere? I’d like to see it in its original form.


The poster is here:

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Looks amazing! Well done!

Awesome design made for a great engrave!

Just checked out some of the posters on Mile High Design. I hope you share others. They are awesome.


Any tips for engraving? I just converted it to grayscale, but I do wish there was more detail in some parts. Overall pretty happy with the first attempt!

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This is AMAZING!

Wow, I really love the engraving and I am sure that was a lot of work. Inspiring on what is possible. Thanks for sharing.

The forum is full of them. Just hunt around, there are so many posts.

This is a good start:

But you can find more by changing the search terms and browsing the forum.

Beautiful turnout! Enjoyed seeing your posters!

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That is awesome. Very detailed, I’m having problems with my art work transferring to the glowforge. Lol. :man_facepalming:t3:

That is really awesome!