First time for me - stuck on centering

Date 6/9/2019
Time 5:08
Problem stuck on centering

Printed fine this morning and printed a small piece this afternoon. I when to load the next design and it is stuck on centering. I cleaned all cameras and lenses. I checked cables. I centered head under under cover camera. I powered down glowforge many times. I unplugged glowforge. I powered down everything including the router. I powered up everything in order and waited till everything was fully running before the next piece, It sticks on centering the head does not move.
Please check my logs to see if I have a larger problem.

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Two more things to try, while you’re waiting: Check your lighting (lights outside the GF that might be making the bed too bright) and also try it without materials on the crumb tray (some materials can be hard to “see”).

Thank you forgot about light trying now. NO Luck

Well, shoot. :frowning:

No changes in the nearby area that might be blocking the wifi signal from the router? New furniture / objects in between the router and GF?

Oh, and the old standby, turn GF off, open lid, turn on, leave it like that for 20 minutes, then try again…

Oh, also new wifi devices in the household that might be using the same wifi channel? New neighbors poaching bandwidth? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still waiting for some response from support. I know there is a time delay and the problem happen on the weekend but I would hope for at least a “We see your post and are working to resolve the problem.”


I am having the same exact problem and have a ticket with support open right now. Yeah, it sucks over the weekend because you can’t really get anything done. My issue started Friday afternoon. I know of another person that is having the same problem. It gives me hope though, that it’s an issue that can be fixed remotely. Fingers crossed lol

I’m having the same issue. It gets stuck on various processes including scanning, homing, and centering.

I would love to see something like this, but would rather have a more timely response to issues. I also have a support ticket open that was opened last Friday morning, and still no response. It’s a little disheartening sitting here waiting when you have no idea when or if they’ll get to it.

I’m so sorry you hit a snag.

The issues you’re seeing might be caused by a poor connection with the cables on your lid. Please follow the steps below to check the lid connections:

  1. Turn off your unit.

  2. Open the lid.

  3. Using both hands, gently roll the laser arm to the front of the unit.

  4. There are 5 clips pictured below. Check each one to ensure it is closed. The clip should lie flat, and you shouldn’t be able to flip it in any direction.

  1. If any of the clips are open, ensure the cable is inserted straight into the clip and close the clip.

  2. If any of the cables are misaligned in the clip, take a photo of the clip and cable and send it to me so I can take a look before you proceed. Do not try to adjust or reseat the cable.

  3. Close the lid.

  4. Turn your unit back on and wait for it to calibrate.

Let me know how it goes!

They just wrote back to me saying they want to ship me a new lid cable but I told them about these other forum posts about people having the same issue at the same time (this weekend). So I’d love for them to look into this before I pay for a new cable and shipping.

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At this point, I don’t have a problem paying for a new cable. Just wish they’d respond to my post. What worries me is if this doesn’t solve the problem, as I have a time sensitive order to cut. I’ll reach out tomorrow ifI don’t hear anything by then.

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I checked these clips and none of them were loose.

Mine’s working again. I rebooted it several times and eventually it started working.

If you looked at my logs you would see I have used the GF a lot and I am a daily reader and contributor to the forum. I have check the cable, made sure the fans are free and done the cleaning, What do you see from the files.

I apologize if it seems like I did not read your post or check your logs. I did so before responding, but I wanted to make sure you had all the information needed to make sure you’d checked the correct things. The logs indicate that there is likely a problem with the black cable on your lid, and since all the cable connections look secure, I’d like to send you a replacement for that cable, along with some instructions on how to replace it so we can get you back to printing as quickly as possible. I’ll be following up via email with the next steps. Thank you again.