First time painting


For the first time I tried selectively taking off masking and applying acrylic paint. I liked the way it came out.


I really like how you finished that. Well done!




Very nice, Sure glad I thought to click on the picture to see the whole project. Suggests a lot of possibilities.


Oooh! The yellow pops! :sunglasses::+1:


Wow! That’s really yellow! Nice design on the wine box. May I ask your source? Was it Cartonus?


Yes, best $7.00 I ever spent


Oh, lovely! I’m guessing you painted all the wood first, then masked and engraved then painted the yellow before removing the masking. It’s a great technique that I still haven’t tried.


Oh! Yes, it becomes SO much better when you click on the picture! Makes me wonder how much good stuff I’ve been missing by not thinking to do that… :roll_eyes:


I got the blue stained ply from You can get it masked on one or both sides or no masked at all’