First try at tiles and a 1st communion gift

First of all, I want to thank all who share; your work and explanations have been so valuable in my introduction to a new language and concepts. Thank you.
I am happy to add to the group now. I found some 4 inch white tiles at HD for 16 cents each. No, I didn’t buy the entire inventory. I bought 20 4” and 10 6” . The tile in the picture is my first try. I used a picture I had used before to engrave a wood pendant. For the tile I just set it to ignore the frame. I had reduced the picture as my intention has been to engrave scrabble tiles for my friends. This is a nod to a contributor ( excuse me for not having you name at hand) that had engraved scrabble tiles.
This is a goo time to say something about respect of others work. While I may be delighted in accepting and recreating something someone explicitly offers, I follow the same tenant as an artist or novice. It is ok and sometimes very useful to copy someone’s work but only to learn. We are inspired by others mastery and generosity , then we create our own work, our interpretation. I don’t mean to be pedantic. Copy to learn, create your own, to earn.
I was inspired by another contributor and made the simple plaque with a name and a cross. The plaque is a four inch square. What I presented my friend was proofgrade cherry. And surprisingly easy to design and print.
I discovered a great way to set up my engraving material so it is always under the camera. Ask me
The tile was set fast and full power and chose prismacolor markers to color. The markers are high pigment and color fast. Micron markers should work as well. I am fairly happy, I’m going for more detail next one and try different settings.
The base on the plaque is double thickness and the square can be removed from the base. I was thinking that the cross that was removed could be made into a pendant. So many possibilities!
I am happy that I am able to contribute.
My father used to say “ to live is to learn, to learn is to live”


Beats a rosary and a missal! Nice work.


Very nice effect on the tile! Welcome to the group, looking forward to seeing some more cool stuff! :grinning:


The coloring on the tile is very effective and subtle! Nice work!


Sweet. Off and running!

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Nice work!