First two prints - shifted right 2"

Finally arrived this week. Got it setup and created and printing my first two prints. The first was aligned 1/4" square from the edge of the ProofGrade Maple Plywood. Printed 2" to the right of the edge. I thought it was just noob error, I can use that small “wasted” wood on something else.

Next print (of the same item) I positioned it directly above the hole of the the other one with about 1/4" extra space. This printed again a full 2" to the right of the location intended.

I had turned the machine off overnight and did a calibration this afternoon before starting. Is this something I can fix, or did wrong, or is it something I need to contact support?

Here is a pic of the app and the actual print so you can see how off they are:

You did just contact Support by posting in this category, and yeah, unfortunately, having it that far off is something they have to look at. Sorry. :disappointed_relieved:

They’re running a little behind these days too, so it might take a little longer than usual.

While you’re waiting for support: Any chance you could have bumped or moved the laser head after calibrating, maybe while putting the material in? Does it behave the same if you turn it off and back on?

No touching except to remove the finished piece. Turned it off for night.
Recalibrated the next morning.

Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry you had trouble with your first prints.

Would you mind doing the following for me:

  1. Turn off your unit
  2. Open the lid
  3. With two hands, gently push the printer head all the way to the left and take a photo of the bed.
  4. Then, use two hands to gently push the printer head all the way to the right and take a photo of the bed.
  5. Post the pictures here or email them to us at

Thank you.

I think I might have discovered a problem. The cable seemed to have gotten
bunched/bound up and was preventing it from moving completely to the left.
I removed the printer head and re-ran the cable and it seamed to move more
smoothly and all teh way to the left. The cable still has some clear fold
lines, but it seems to be moving freely now.

I am going to try to run another print and see if this fixed the issue.

Success! The problem must have been the printer head cable. The next
print aligned perfectly and printed fine.


Thanks for posting the photos. I’m so glad you’ve solved it!

If you have any other questions or feedback, please post a new topic or email us at

Happy printing.