Fish Tales


Summers mostly here in the northern hemisphere and that means one thing for some of us. Fishing season has been well underway for a while :grin: how well has everyone done this year? We just got back from our annual Alaska treck to see my girlfriends family. We did pretty well:


What a keeper!!


nice job! i spent a lot of my summers fishing as a kid.


Those flatter fish would fit just fine with the crumb tray removed. You could do custom shaped filets!


Oooh! I’ll say! Nice catch! :sunglasses:


So on my bucket list.

Nice catches!


Nice fishes!!! Great Job! :thumbsup:

How do you plan on cooking them? Smoke? Grill? Steam? BBQ? Sous Vide?


Great pics and fun time. I was wondering what you would be up to in Alaska. I did the fishing three years ago. Wanted halibut but weather dictated salmon. Price of shipping back was the same as buying it here, but eating your own fish: priceless!


ha, I see what you did there…


Well we brought back ~100 lbs of frozen fish when it was all done and we hadn’t eaten everything we brought back from last year so yes all of those things and we’ll have to find many more methods to try :rofl: I’ll probably have to throw a fish fry for a bunch of friends just to clean out some of the excess halibut


Fun fact of the day is that Alaskan residents get free baggage on Alaskan airlines so we just take our fish boxes as her checked bags and don’t have to pay to ship them. This is the 5th year we have done it so we are getting pretty good at carting them around


Oooh…excess halibut! My most favorite fish.


Halibut is quite good. I’m partial to salmon. But that Black Rock fish / bass is incredibly tasty. We hoard it


Nice! I’m heading to the Texas land cut with some friends the end of this week. Mainly going for speckled trout (actually a grouper), red fish, and the occasional drum. Fishing from a pier at night under the lights. Wish me luck :smile:


Post pictures when you have them!


Will do :smile:


I think I have fishing pictures that roughly catalog every year of my life thus far :slight_smile:

The beauty of fishing Texas is that we can do it year round!


Nice! Texas is on the list of fishing trips we want to take. I’d like to do Florida too


Florida is great because the continental shelf is so close. You can get to deep, blue water very quick. The further south on the Texas coast you launch from the closer the shelf is - if you want deep sea.

The land based fishing can be pretty exciting. You just never know what you’ll catch - though it’s harder to find an outfitter and the gear is more specialized. A trip down the National Seashore and ending up at the landcut (that @kennethclapp mentioned) is something that a relatively small number of people ever do. No roads to get there - just 60-someodd miles of natural beach.

Fishing the Laguna Madre is a lot of fun also. Especially if you’re interested in things like it being one of only 6 (I believe) hypersaline lagoons in the world.


Did a little fishing on the Amazon four weeks ago.


Yep they’re good to eat :yum: