Fishing tackle box version 2

Better design than the last, this one has trays. And a simplified locking mechanism.


Can you give an idea, end to end, how long this takes to cut and assemble? Seems complex.

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I love that you can get into the top compartment without opening everything. That was something my “professional” one couldn’t do :-/


I have the designs laid out on 7 1/4” pieces and four 1/8” inch, all 12x20. The engraved piece takes the longest. I’ve got it to where I just load sheet after sheet, stack the parts up and take care of other projects. Then it takes about an hour to break out all the pieces. Another couple of hours to glue and clamp the trays, lids, and the base box. I let that sit. The next day I spend another hour assembling the locking mechanism, glue and clamps. The next, final assembly, sanding, clear coating, takes about three hours.


Outstanding job! :sunglasses:

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WOW! That’s about all I can think of right now!

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Practical build of 2019, so far.



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Really amazing!

Nicely done

Nice looking tackle box!

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