Fitting pieces closer together?

I tried to search the forum first. I was reading on the forum earlier today, but don’t remember what category. I think someone mentioned a program that would make your pieces that you are printing take up less space? It fits them in the best way. Anyone know what program?

Thank you

Its called nesting… A search pulls a few results…just look through those.:grinning:


As a Silouette Cameo User I have to use Silhouette Studio. If you upgrade to the Designer Edition you get nesting, if you go to the Business Edition you get SVG file export among other things. It was just easier to upgrade than learn another piece of software. This is of course in addition to using/learning Inkscape, Affinity Designer, etc.

It was so cool to press one button and get 42 irregular pieces to fit on one :proofgrade: sheet with minimal waste. I could have gotten a few more by adjusting the padding between the pieces.