Five free designs are about to be posted to our marketing list


FWIW, i got the impression that this was email #2 and that the links were originally in email #1 (maybe with more explanation). but they put the link at the end of this email just in case people didn’t get the first one for some reason.

PS: If you haven’t had a chance to try them yet, here are the free laser designs from our last mailing. Enjoy!


Well, I guess I got what I deserved for skimming over a marketing email. :smile: I’ll know now to pay closer attention.


Thanks for posting the subject line - my email came in earlier today, but it was filtered so I wouldn’t have seen it if I hadn’t searched for the subject line! Nice designs, too…


I got the email and designs as well!

Thank you @dan and Glowforge staff! :smiley:


I did exactly the same thing, including digging the message out of the trash. Thanks to whoever alerted us about it!


Yay they really did it!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I had ignored that email (because I don’t care about celebrities) and had no idea it would have the link to the designs.


me too. so many many thanks


CORRECTION - was in Spam folder. Wonder what other emails I have missed? Oy.

Just searched my email for the subject line…no joy.

Oh well.


Thanks for the heads up it was buried in Junk mail and spam… Got it!


Can someone please post the link to those designs? I signed up for the marketing list, but it must have been too late :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Unfortunately we’re not allowed to do that. They’re pretty firm about us not sharing content that we haven’t created. :neutral_face:

(There’s a very good chance that they will include the link at the bottom of their next mailing though, for new signees, so keep an eye out for it with the next email.)


I made the well read bookends . . . they don’t fit well, I ended up throwing it away and have been working on another design, but you should at least have the option of setting material thicknesses, because you might want to make it out of something else.


I wish there was an option to rate / review the designs in the catalog, I’d love to read what other people thought of the builds (I have some opinions to share too).


I signed up same day as Dan’s original posting (and got the “thanks for signing up” confirmation email), but this is the first non-forum/update email from them since (and I keep all my mail, because I’m a digital hoarder). I guess if the email was destined to come out that same day I could have missed the first one. Still seems weird.

At least they included the link in the second email so that everybody in this thread had a better shot at them (which makes me wonder if GF has been following the banter in here).


Unfortunately I accidentally ignored this thread early on or I would have caught this sooner. I apologize - due to a miscommunication, the designs originally got sent to everyone on the list EXCEPT current customers, which is frustrating for everyone! They were included again in the latest mailing to make sure everyone got them.

We don’t plan to give those designs away again, but might do new ones sometime, so if you haven’t signed up, you might want to for the future!


Whoops…I think I did the same thing since I saw it in Facebook…


Can you get it back? I had to dig through some stuff on my providers website for my email to find it. And after all that, I have’n’t made even ONE of the designs. :roll_eyes:


Still no sign- went through all the junk and spam and no joy. The only thing I can find is the confirmation that I signed up for the newsletter. Ah well…


So funny thing…I found the email, saved it and went to look at it yesterday…and the files are no longer on the Google drive…:unamused:I guess I waited too long…lol