Five free designs are about to be posted to our marketing list


Aw nuts…I’m sorry. I wish we were allowed to share…and I would. (psst…I don’t think you’re missing much…I still haven’t used any of them)


ok I signed up I will take my free glowforge now


Found my email but the files are no longer there. Darn it!


Oooh! Coolness! Got a new marketing email this morning with a few new gift designs attached! Thanks Glowforge! (And I hope you have a happy holiday season filled with nothing but happy customers.) :smile:


Yup, me too. Looks like they finally got the marketing part going…lol


i haven’t seen an email yet…


Not sure if I should have gotten one or not, but I don’t have an email from GF either


Maybe they’re just making up for skipping some of us with the last round…we get ours first this time. :smile: :sunglasses::+1:

(Did all of you sign up for the marketing emails? They don’t go out to everyone automatically.)


I got the email this morning, but can’t DL the files. :man_shrugging:


I got it today and they downloaded fine. But they’re on Google My Drive so they can be downloaded locally or copied to your own My Drive.

Click on the link in the email which should take you to GF’s Google My Drive. There were 3 files listed for me. Click on one (or select all) and then click on the 3-dots to bring the menu up and Download or Copy to My Drive are options. Download puts them in your local machine.


I got it today (twice, even) and, was able to download the files without issue.


I right-clicked on each one and downloaded from GF’s google drive to my desktop.


I did this and had no joy.

I did this and had no problem.



funny, I set the forum to “newest” and this thread came up. I read through all the posts since the last time I looked in September and was like “hey, I never got that either!” then got to the “Guess Which TV Star Just Got A Glowforge” part and searched for it in my emails. it was there and I never saw the P.S. link at the bottom!
I clicked on it and it brought me to the current holiday ones, but the original ones are gone! eh, at least I got the holiday ones I guess. really would’ve like the cribbage board, photo frame, and bubble wands… even though I could make my own.
I did get the new email as well! I guess the bow and tassel are out of something other that hardwood though, looks like they need to bend from the picture. Hmm…something to figure out.


Same here. I thought I was finally going to get the designs, clicked on the link, and only got the current holiday designs. For a marketing email, it sure did a great job of hiding and not delivering.


Got mine this morning as well, just clicked the download in the upper right corner of google drive and it zipped them and downloaded to my computer.


The newest set (December issue of three) includes this really open restriction:

“We created these three exclusive holiday designs that you can print, keep, or forward to friends.”

I thought that was pretty nice, considering this 4 1/2 month conversation about how we were all waiting for our free files, but those of us who got them couldn’t share with those of us who did.

Thanks Bailey, Dan, all the folks at Glowforge.


LOL - in all my attempts to read everything this one just came up - I’m guessing because folks wrote on it recently. So I’m signed up now…probably not in time for the latest batch, but maybe the next one :smiley:


@cmreeder’s comment just above yours has a link to the latest batch. :slight_smile:


Oh wild. When I just click on that link I get an error - but when I opened in Incognito it worked fine. Yay! Thanks