Five years ago, today

Five years ago today, my Glowforge arrived…and has since changed my life in a wonderful way. I am 77 and admit freely that I am pretty much in awe of my own self for learning about my laser and for learning how to design stuff to make with it. It’s been a renewal of self-confidence and self-awareness that had apparently been in hibernation for a very long time. I’m also in awe of an incredible group of people that I have come to know as friends in this community.
What a remarkable tool. I am not in denial in realizing that it could fail at any time after such a great run, but I’m as prepared as I can be for that time. I won’t deny that some people do have real issues with theirs, but the one and only true problem I’ve ever experienced with my Glowforge was several months ago when I needed to replace the black ribbon cable.

I’m posting this for two reasons…one, is to say how grateful I am to @Dan and his marvelous team for such an amazing machine…and two, is to make a positive post about my experience. So far, we’re both still going strong!

Oh…and Happy Birthday, Glowria! :birthday:


What you say about having your life changed is so true for me also. I have only had my :glowforge: for a couple of years now, but it has changed my life in ways that I didn’t think possible.

I have always loved creating things, but this is on a whole new level of design and engineering.

Bringing my ideas to fruition is amazing! And I can do it in ways I never thought possible before. This machine has really opened up my mind to things I never thought possible before.


Coming up on 5 years here as well, but I don’t expect it to make it. Now having to increase power or reduce speed to get reliable results.

Not complaining. I knew 2yrs was expected, so I take what I can get.


At 91 and a Glowforge Founder my sentiments exactly Xabbess


This. I had an artistic slant since grade school that had to be sidelined to earn a living. Fast forward 5 decades to a back fusion and forced retirement that threw me into a years-long funk where I was aimless, and badly needed an avenue out of it.

This too!
I had fantasized about doing laser art ever since I first saw an amazing example of the tool’s precision in the late '70s. I was feeling bucks-up with exactly $2000 in disposable income and thought to look into a quality laser. After leaving Epilog’s website with my tail tucked between my legs at the starting price, the same day I encountered a referral post for the glowforge online - "$2,000…?? :star_struck:
This company allowed me to experience what had only been a dream until that day, also 5 years ago. Introduction to Computer Numeric Control and learning design software was what gave me direction out of the mental wasteland I was in.

Then, like you, there was this community I wandered into. Amazed at the intellect, creativity, and inspiration I found here, it has been part of my life ever since.
It’s been a wonderful journey, and for that I thank Dan - and all of you. :kissing_heart:


Well said @Xabbess. I am surprised at how owning a tool changed my life. I have benefited so much from the community members and the experience of having a laser in my home. Coming up on 5 years as well.


WOW! Happy anniversary indeed!

I’m only 4 months away from my year 5…sadly the OG Hephaestus went back to the mothership due to my own error back in early 2018, but Erichthonius is chugging along after his 4th birthday on Jul 23rd :slight_smile:

Little noisier, but have you heard my knees walking down the stairs?!?




Wow. 5 years isn’t computing… it’s really been that long?

The laser has certainly been entertaining and I’ve learned a lot of things and met a bunch of interesting people because of it. You’re one of the ones at the top of that list!




November will be 5 years for me. It’s crazy to me to think it’s been that long. But the community (for almost 7 years) has made it even more worthwhile.


Congratulations and happy glowversary for you and Glowria! Your words really resonate for me, being able to make things with such a professional finish if desired is something I only dreamt of in the past and having the Glowforge has been such a catalyst for my creativity. I love it and you and the other awesome and talented members of this community have been so welcoming to me, I feel very grateful!


Congrats and happy anniversary. It’s been great to be on this journey with you and so many other inspiring folks.


You and I started on the same day. I’m sure that is why you get all the :cake:


mmm… cake. i’m hoping to get some cake tonight.


ya that seems mind boggling that that much time has passed. but we are approaching 5 years in our house and BEAMER arrived the November when we had signed the dotted line and were starting the moving process.


Great post! It has been an amazing journey! Five years in November for me. Love being able to just come up with an idea, and then with a little computer time, it’s ready to go.


People ask me why I teach CNC (laser, router, plasma) - I should point them to your post. A lot of times we hear the complaints from people who want creativity and awesomeness handed to them with some kind of entitled mentality. But it’s the folks who dig in and explore like kids that always seem to get the most out of the opportunities technologies like this can provide.

I’m always impressed by you @lcronkite & @johnbrooker - I grew up with this stuff. I have no idea if I’m going to be brave enough to attack whatever is coming in the next 20 years.


Beautifully said! I’m also extremely grateful for all I’ve learned here, and the people I’ve met along the way. :slightly_smiling_face:

What a phenomenal gift we were blessed with when this was created! (And it was a fulfilling and engaging experience too! What more could you ask for out of life?) :smile:

Here’s to five more years of fun and growth, with people you love. :champagne: :wine_glass: :birthday: :partying_face: :bouquet:


I’m late to the party but congratulations on your 5 years! I feel the same as everyone here—the whole experience has been a real envigorating one. I’ve still got about 6 months to go before hitting that milestone but expect “Let It Glow” to still be chugging away.