Fixed: Locked out of the store (500 error)

UPDATE: I was able to place an order this evening. (I’m assuming some kind soul at GFHQ fixed it.)

I see from recent threads that others have also encountered this. I’ve been locked out for a few days now and I reported it via the contact form right away, but I don’t think Support has noticed yet. Hopefully they will see this and reset my cart so I can throw more money at them. :wink:

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Curious behavior, I just placed a 10 sheet order last night.
I will be disenchanted if the cherry ply arrives with that bad finish we saw in that one order.

Other people have seen this error off and on. Here is one solution that @rpegg found:

I would try this solution, but I can’t actually get to my cart.

Thanks for the update! I’m glad you were able to place your order. We’re investigating the issue. If it happens again, please start a new thread or let us know at